Saturday, November 20, 2010

A step to clean up PET Bottle junk from City

Deputy Commissioner of capital Complex, Itanagar Dr. S B Deepak Kumar formally inaugurated much needed PET Bottle Collection Programme from DC office premises on 14th September with an aim to make PET bottle free city. ENVIRON a reputed organization and already working on Solid Waste Management in city, now gear up to make city free from plastic wastes, for this ENVIRON organized a group of rag pickers and they will take up the collection process from roadside, drains and garbage bins. It has been observed that tons of plastic waste dumps near roadside, in drains and garbage bins which creating unhygienic environment. Not only this it quality of non biodegradable, these product becoming massive concern for human race because of this feature which date orating the quality of soil for now and also for many hundred years. The alternative option to least its impact on soil is to recycle, hence its need man power to collect these bottles, even this provide an opportunity for people living in marginal per capita income to earn extra amount by collecting and selling this product to recycling factories. In other hand we can generate money from waste product.

Whole PET Bottle Collection Programme will be carried out under the close supervision of ENVIRON in association with District Administration. On an average at least fifty kilos of PET bottles are collected per day from different part of the city. This small figure indicates in what average plastic bottle waste is raising and need to take up serious step to keep city clean from such junk. To support this programme district administration handed over two hand cart to ENVIRON for the rag pickers. To begin with firstly the collection was carried out from DC office premise. In region, still there is a need of awareness among the people, such as to use litterbins and to change its careless attitude or behavior of the people throwing anything in anywhere which cause dirtiness in surrounding. Until we change our habit or behavior we cannot save our environment.


Kripaljyoti Mazumdar

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All my best wishes and prayers for this grand venture!!